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I know i ultimately need to go to the citizens advice bureau but if anyone can offer me any advice or tell me about there situation i'd really appreciate it.

ps...i'm not adverse to council accomodation, i just want to go through all the options and try and stay in the area i'm in!

Having the property assessed by the council is just to ascertain that the rent is a reasonable amount for the area. I work, and for the hours I do (16 per week) I bet I am paid a darn sight more per hour than the lad sat behind the desk in the letting agency!!Give them a call, once you know what you can claim you can start looking. I've just done mine now I'm back at work full time.It says I may be entitled to Maternity grant, funeral grant and help with child education costs.Housing benefit can take ages to pay up and then they pay fortnightly rather than monthly which can mean some months more benefit is paid than others, all adds to the admin and housing benefit also seem to have a nasty habit of stopping payments for weeks on end while they sort out a change in a claimants circumstances.I Same here, I work part time, claim houseing benefit which is paid directly to me.