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(Heck, it’s in the very definition of the word.) And while Williams’s quest to change their minds on that score is admirable — visionary, even — a geolocation app is self-evidently not the way to do it.People will use a geolocation app for sex, full-stop.Since hugs are good for you, and carry little inherent risk, that doesn’t make a lot of sense.It also echoes an argument made by the “cuddle party” gurus of the early aughts: “We live in a very touch-deprived society,” the self-proclaimed sex coach Reid Mihalko once said.When I finally found a suitable cuddle this morning — young guy, normal picture, just a couple neighborhoods away — we exchanged a series of texts negotiating (what I thought would be) a friendly hug. “I’m into the idea of spontaneous, no-strings-attached sex,” he texted back. American society has a complicated, and kind of bizarre, relationship with interpersonal touch: It’s expected between sexual partners and family members, but takes on a distinctly creepy connotation between just about anyone else.When he asked to see my picture, I sent him a picture with my boyfriend. Williams points out, in his impassioned raison d’etre on Medium, that mainstream America finds it more acceptable to use an app to meet a stranger for sex than to use an app to find a friendly hug.Scrolling around Charlie Williams’s new app, Cuddlr — proudly billed as the “Tinder for cuddling” — you get the sense that maybe Williams hasn’t spent a whole lot of time online.The app, which promises to connect consenting adults for safe, fun, nonsexual snuggling, relies on the same geolocation technology as Tinder, Grindr and their ilk.

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