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To do this, Quinella started doing "miracles" in front of people, predicting storms and healing sick and injured people in the name of "god".

She told the people that a shrine to worship god needed to be built in order to perform even greater miracles, hence a large marble spire was erected in the center of town. Years later when Quinella felt her life was coming to an end, she desperately tried to find a form of Sacred Arts that could manipulate her «Life».

By using a 4th generation Full Dive machine, called the Soul Translator (STL), Rath succeeded in copying the Fluctlights (souls) of twelve newborn babies, creating a «Soul Archetype», a non-developed Artificial Fluctlight that could be copied to create new Artificial Fluctlights, which would then need to be nurtured to mature into an individual.

For this reason, a virtual world, codenamed «Underworld», was created using the free kernel version of the Cardinal System, The Seed, and then transferred into the STL mainframe via the Mnemonic Visuals feature of the STL.

Thus, the need for Japan to develop its own technology came.

Project Alicization, a top-secret government project run by Rath, a company affiliated with the Japan Self Defense Force (JSDF), was started to create the first highly adaptive, «Bottom-up AI».

As a result of this marriage, a single daughter, possessing a higher level of egoism than any other lord in the world at the time, was born.

The children corrupted by the egoistic Rath employee became the ancestors of the future nobles as they secured their place as elites in the world.

In reality, the existence of the four gods was forged by the Axiom Church to secure its authority over the Human Empire.

Although none of the gods truly exist in the world, they are registered as super accounts in the system, though they had never been used since the creation of Underworld.

However, as no countries export weapons to Japan, Japan's defense technology has become too weak and, eventually, Japan had to buy new equipment from America.

Although, formally, America is supposed to work together with Japan on developing new technology, but in reality, Japan has only been given outdated equipment.