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British and American schools can attract Spanish families seeking an English-language education for their children .The latter usually offer better facilities for pupils than the state system with less fee requirements than independent schools.The first church building was completed in 1871 and served the congregation for 53 years until the present structure replaced it in 1924.By 1880 all the daughter congregations had become independent.73 men and one woman signed the charter at the organizational meeting September 12, 1856.The settlers met to organize a congregation on the site of the present Lloyd & Gerry Voxland home, (previously the site of the Gronvold home, the first medical doctor).With minimal criteria on which to judge a school’s performance and no league tables to speak of, word-of-mouth advice is usually key to any decision making process.If you choose to fund your child’s education in the private system, international schools are always an option.

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Whereas the Costas were once the place to head for new residents, expat families often relocate to larger towns or cities such as Barcelona or Madrid, as their cosmopolitan nature not only offers parents an easier transition into an international community but also greater work opportunities.

Which school to choose depends upon a combination of factors: whether you are planning an indefinite stay, or are on a short-term work contract, the ages of your children, and the style of education you would like them to receive.