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After that, singles are on their own and must rely on their own dating skills — unfortunately Project Fixup does not offer an Escape Rope if the date goes bad.

Once a couple has been matched, they'll be sent an email to confirm the date and Pokémon hunt.

Project Fixup is offering first dates for free with the promo code "POKEDATES2016," but after that it'll be per date.

However, members can earn more free dates by referring friends.

There’s Twin Peaks and Se7en and Zodiac, and then there’s a serial killer that’s somehow so boring I find myself caring more about the logistics of the Serpents — a gang that seems a little less tough than whatever The Outsiders was about.

There’s Dark Betty, and then there’s Volcheck, the worst human, but at least the reason we got to hear that Imogen Heap song one last time.