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p=236276#post236276 btw, my service with Zen is about to go live and I can't wait. tho lve never suffered any of the censorship due to me not accessing the sites they block, however lve used Tor to get around external blocks, basically put some websites remotely block based on country and lve accessed said sites by using a tor circuit to access content (namely american shows that they started blocking ppl in the uk streaming).

@kits actually what l was suggesting was related to data capping..

Anyway, A&A don't censor and neither do Zen or Aquiss.

Zen's reps confirmed it right here on ISP Review the other day:

I used Zen many years ago before the advent of Broadband when dial up was all the rage, and then I sold my soul to the devil and went to BT for pricing reasons.

Thank you You'll find that most of the smaller ISPs do not follow the censorship approach of the big boys, although admittedly that's often forced upon the largest players (it's rarely by choice).

There are a few horror story reviews on here, but most are positive.

I take the odd few bad reviews with a pinch of salt because by the law of averages all ISP's will get them.

Check our ISP listings (superfast broadband) for some ideas.

one problem l have found tho is the smaller providers do offer good support and much more eager to help with the rare problems that pop up, some services they offer can come at a premium or limited (that said l havent looked recently).