Puppy love dating game

Puppies are taught early on they have to earn respect and rewards by good behaviour.Using the same logic, if you give your other half everything they want without them earning it, they will never learn how to regulate their wants and desires and therefore, they will never learn how to appreciate you.That way your partner will not want to block you out as they will be genuinely interested in what you have to say.The best way to reduce fear of abandonment, loss or rejection is to make sure that your sense of self comes from within and not from your partner.It’s no direwolf, but Sophie Turner‘s new pet is adorable!

The final step is to decide which behaviours elicit a reward.

It is like the sound of your voice becomes white noise and they no long respond to it.

The best way to prevent this is to try to keep upsetting exchanges short and clear, and afterwards immediately turn the conversation back to a more positive or interesting topic.

'The brain does not like loss and so if it perceives the change to be too drastic in you then it will be harder to keep to your new way of life.

Make little changes every few days until they start to feel natural and authentic to you increasing your repertoire until you have adapted to all the rules that you wish to implement.