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That means if you've been living in a non-pet building but want a four-legged friend, your best course of action is first starting a friendship with your two-legged landlord.

Be honest about your desire for a pet, and, if you've been friendly and a good tenant, your landlord is more likely to bend the rules, since it's it's ultimately more difficult for him to find a new quality tenant.

“New York City dog owners will do almost anything for their pets,” Salyi says.

You have probably said one or more of these sentences at some point or another.

LANDLORD’S BEST FRIEND At the end of the day, nothing gets you more bonus points than actual friendship and camaraderie with your landlord—at least within reason.

And, after three months, if your landlord hasn't said anything or filed a suit, they cannot do a thing about the newest tenant.And therein lies the business model for Task Rabbit, a web platform launched in 2008 that specializes in connecting people who need chores done with people willing to complete them.Consumers in markets where Task Rabbit operates—19 U. metro areas and London—simply have to enter information about the task at hand, pick a date and time slot to have it done, and select from a short list of people who are oddly willing to schlep your stuff, rake your yard, or build your unpronounceable shelving unit.It’s also important to have a letter from your vet saying your dog is up to date on vaccines (no anti-vaxxers! In a way, Salyi notes, it’s a lot like online dating.“It’s not uncommon for hopeful tenants to fudge the weight of their dog.