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In a world of porn, spread assholes, and all that pantyless, spread vagina and asshole, and overall good old fashion pervert as fuck times being norm….

It’s hard to get excited about a chick in fitness pants doing some public workout for some media attention, all ass in the air…because it’s really not all that erotic, exciting, unless that’s your fetish, or unless you’re into Nina Dobrev, whoever the fuck that is….doing whatever the fuck this is…

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I don’t really worry about the actual substantial stuff like saving AIDS babies or animals in her Native South Africa, where they have a pretty high AIDS rate and who statistically she has a 67 percent chance of having AIDS, but that’s probably less from South Africa and more for keeping her clients happy…she is a model after all, like hookers…you must keep that check signer…fully satisfied.I mean this is some kind of fetish gear you’ve probably seen in 90s porn, being brought out on the Christmas Miracle concert tour where they give little dying children a chance to live, just for a night, no wait…this is actually just vapid bullshit publicity stunt fodder to get her out there, get her paid, and has nothing to do with saving dying kids on Christmas and all to do with make that money…and wear the dumbest outfit ever…All this to say, where’s the BUTT SHOT on this PORTLY little over made-up, body positive when it is convenient, thighs.• Sexy Nina• njo (35 ) obala• Iščem njo• erotika• Iščem žensko za občasna srečanja• Iščeva njo• trojcek Pantyhose encasement Last post by Nylon Fetišist in Fetiš on Nov 16, 2017 at Iščem dolgolaso punco Last post by Mr.Stranger in Moški on Sep 27, 2017 at Naughty Amateur Milfs in Hardcore Photos Last post by siemekpower in Erotične Slike on Aug 13, 2017 at Katero pesem pravkar poslušaš? ''Švabice'' so mi poslale e-mail z informacijami o njuni poti.