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Curiously, the jailbait standard bearer is again little “Brookie,” who’s sprouted to 5’10” at sweet 15—thus making this her second R-rated movie she can’t legally attend without an adult.Barely clothed in what appear to be artfully shredded dinner napkins, Brooke and her novice co-star, Christopher Atkins, 19, play two shipwrecked innocents on a South Sea island who discover grown-up delights amid the flora and fauna.Her return to her hometown — and the recent death of Patrick Swayze — has caused her to reflect on where she’s been, where she is now, and what lies ahead.“I am aware of how abunding the blessings have been in my life — not the least of which has been to chase my dreams and makek them realities,” she says.She has worked as an actress, dancer and singer for 30 years.Her credits include 13 features, 3 network series, 24 TV movies, countless TV pilots, commercials, voiceovers and print work. This fall, however, her shooting schedule has brought her back East.

Meanwhile, Cynthia offers singers, actors and public speakers instruction in vocal technique, performance coaching and career management advice. She talked about Westport and the arts, and appreciated the chance to give back to the town.

Westport history classes, for example, teach that what goes on in society — politically, religiously and economically — is reflected in its art.

Cynthia spent 30 years in Los Angeles, “surrounded by people who make their living in the arts.” Even there, though, she did not find the same support for the arts as here.

The “Blue Lagoon” heartthrob dated the Ford model — a Staples student — for 4 years. After shedding his Lagoon loincloth, Christopher Atkins lost his life savings to an embezzling manager, had an alcohol-related breakdown, and is finally back acting in movies and TV shows (including former “Lagoon” co-star Brooke Shields’ short-lived “Suddenly Susan”). She spent 2 years on the soap opera “Search for Tomorrow,” then had a lead in the hit series “Fame.” She starred opposite Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze in “Youngblood,” and worked with Oliver Stone, Burt Reynolds, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Robert Guillaume.

She played Karen Carpenter in the biopic of the anorexic singer’s life.