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Meanwhile, Ryan tries to impress a model by saying he's the vice president.

True tries to mend Max’s broken heart by fixing him up with her school’s librarian after he learns his ex-fiance is marrying someone else.

But after Ryan makes a harsh comment about True's design, herself and Lulu go undercover as boys, only to realize it is a cover so they won't go and find out Ryan can't skate.

Unfortunately, they figure it out after they bragged about him. Ryan Sheckler goes undercover as Ryan to help him win he does.

Amanda tells True the life of the Fashion business and friendship combined.

Now, Lulu comes back to work and True apologize in the end, and True re-hires Lulu.

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A girl named True Jackson gets a job as Vice President of Mad Style Fashion Company by the boss, Max (Greg Proops).

True invites her friends to help her out on her first day.

When True finds out, she and Amanda must get the dress off Lulu at the party before Max finds out and True's lucky streak breaks.

Amanda overloads on beauty products in preperation for her high school reunion.

Ryan sheckler and keke palmer dating