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Then this guy Astor comes along and in a few years totally owns the whole industry!Again this could only have happened, because the occult power of this Astor family gave them the right. Warren Beatty Maclaine Black, Shirley Temple Osmond, Ovitz Some of DISNEYS blatantly OCCULT MOVIES. Although the story is that he came to America penniless--and that may be true--he soon joined the Masonic Lodge, and within 2-3 years had become the Master of the Holland Lodge No. John Jacob Astor was always very famous for being coldhearted, anti-social, a man who didnt have charm, wit or grace.

He had connections in London to the Blackhouse family.

Astor became a banker, and sat on the board of 5 directors of the new national bank that Hamilton created for the U. Astor also was fairly active during his life as a Freemason, holding several more key positions in the secret lodge life. Is having 1/15th of all of what American money is invested not rich? The Astor's also have been very prominent in the Group which is Britain's equivalent to the Skull & Bones Soc. Again, as was earlier pointed out, the key to understanding Satanism is the bloodlines.

John Jacob was the richest man in the United States. John Jacob Astors descendents had a penchant for secrecy, and set up things to rule from behind the scenes. In Britain, the Astor, along with about 20 other families dominate the Group, just as certain families like the Whitney's in the U. In 1910, the muscle and bone branches of the Illuminati reconfigured themselves with the creation of the Round Table groups in 1910.

After making their fortune while residing in the New York area, the Astor's by and large have all gone to England. Rhodes Trust in part helped by the Astor, helps finance the Rhodes Scholarship system.

They still wield great financial power in the United States through proxies. 1889, commented that authorities estimated the Astor's were worth 0,000, but that that figure had to be an underestimate. Rhodes a high ranking Freemason wanted the Masonic clap-trap as part of these various new groups, but Milner and Brett did away with the Masonic rituals and costumes, etc.