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A husband-and-wife team who love being married to each other and love helping other couples through their journey to wedded-bliss.Shantel does the designing, David does the accounting, and together we do all of the things in between (including doting on our darling little girl and sweet baby boy).Failing to do so could mean a non-response or an unopened email that lands right in the right trash.It’s much easier to compose a tailored, well thought-out pitch email with our next tip.To get an ‘A’ for effort, demonstrate you’ve taken time to acquaint yourself with the writer’s previous work. When trying to seduce someone, it’s important that you’re not overbearing.The person you’re interested in could share that interest initially, but be turned off by a barrage of texts or phone calls.

It’s so challenging to overcome a bad first impression.

Also, just like the guy or girl you’re trying to seduce doesn’t want some long-winded pickup line, the journalist you’re pitching would also like you to get to the point.

Use your email message to describe your story idea as concisely as possible.

Have you ever done anything that was a little crazy?

The phrase, “it’s not personal, it’s strictly business,” is rarely said following an amiable exchange.