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Lost Halloween traditions dating back to 18th-century Ireland also centered around, you guessed it, matchmaking.

For instance, on Halloween night, a cook might place a ring inside a bowl of mashed potatoes.

Before your next night out, read through this list and try to put some of these into action.

We think that you might notice a difference in how your potential date responds and improve your chances for a follow up date. With new relationships in particular, we want to do everything and anything for the other person. After all, focusing on your dating partner matters.

From its Celtic roots to its modern-day iteration, Halloween has taken on many shapes and forms.

Here's a look back at some of the most entertaining (and, oftentimes, downright laughable) traditions from bygone All Hallow's Eves., early settlers of America brought with them European customs that stemmed from the age-old belief that apples were symbols of fertility.

Dating presents challenges outside of normal interactions.Following a tradition that originated with the ancient Celts, single women in Scotland would designate a hazelnut for each of their love interests, then toss the nuts into a fire on Halloween.The nut that burned to ashes, instead of popping, supposedly represented the woman's future betrothed.To avoid going off the rails, pay attention to your ADHD routine.You can change your schedule every now and then, but try to keep the main pieces in place as much as possible.