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Lors de notre dernière convention nationale, Anne est intervenu pour raconter la vie dehors, la vie d’une femme dans la rue et nous présenter son livre.

Il nous est apparu normal de l’aider dans la diffusion de son livre témoignage qui peut faire changer la vision que l’on peut avoir des SDF et plus particulièrement de la condition de femme SDF.

They were not the best wings I have had, but were a really good effort.

Not wanting to deal with a huge amount of brisket as a main, I decided to opt for the starter portion.

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Sure, he keeps me grounded, and tells me when I’m being dramatic/sensitive/crazy.

The halloumi had a good amount of squidge to it which I really enjoyed and the peppers added a nice sweetness to the overall burger.

Unfortunately, the side order of fries were disappointing.

It had been cooked to a medium-well as oppose to my original request, and was also quite dry.

Secondly, I ended up removing the unnecessarily huge pieces of tomato and lettuce.