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It’s an uncomfortable topic to talk about, but body donations are happening every day, all over the world.You can donate your body to science by signing up with an accredited organization like Med Cure or Science Care.But among the hundreds of babies that were born that day, baby Theo weighed in at over 12 pounds!After spending nearly six hours in labor, the proud parents had to ditch their baby clothes and …When the options for a certain product are overwhelming, packaging can be a major factor in swaying a customer.The thorny fruit which emits a putrid smell is actually being considered a ‘miracle crop’ due to its ability to save millions from starvation.

The former receptionist alleges …Jackfruit is a fruit that is native to South and Southeast Asia.

Students can gain access to this collection and visit by sending out a form that specifies the nature of their research.

Gillian Turner fainted in court when a judge announced that she would not be getting any part of her ex’s multi-million dollar business.

You can find both of your kidneys directly below your rib cage, on both sides of your spine.

Our kidneys are extremely …According to an article posted by the Mirror dated May 12, 2017, criminals have been leaving symbols in the form of mysterious white pebbles outside of people’s homes.