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is an inherent selfishness in hedonism - by focusing on their own personal search for pleasure, hedonists put themselves before others, and neglect their responsibilities" Psalm 119: 33 - 35 33 Teach me your decrees, O Lord; I will keep them to the end.

34 Give me understanding and I will obey your instructions; I will put them into practice with all my heart.

His main aim was to get as much out of life as he could.

He believed that since he was only going to be on this planet once, he should try everything.

Positive psychologists have established that merely to have a “good time” in the present moment does not provide the basis of a life of well-being.

There are many other important factors: for example, a sense of purpose and meaning, positive relationships, regular periods of flow (absorption or engagement in activities), a positive thinking style, and a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Having regular contact with nature, practicing acts of altruism, and a sense of self-development are also important sources of well-being." If you would have gone to the bar for a beer and conversation like your father suggested you could have found a purpose and meaning as many that go to bars are looking for someone to talk to and to listen to them. I learned that people have to get stuff off their chest.

You could have made plans for activities outside of the bar. It's a good way to experience nature if you consider women nature. They aren't necessarily looking for advice or an answer from me but just the act of saying it out loud helped them to work through their issues.

I felt that there was more to life than just enjoying yourself. On the surface of it, my father’s hedonistic philosophy makes some sense.

Our time in this life is limited, and could end at any moment, so surely we should treat ourselves to as much enjoyment, adventure and experience as we can.

What would be the point of putting ourselves through suffering and hardship? When we go on vacation, we usually try to have as much of a "good time" as we can, so surely we should do the same with the "long vacation" of life?

He had affairs with some of the world’s most famous and beautiful women, occupied some of Hollywood’s most beautiful mansions and owned a series of incredibly expensive yachts.

His “try everything” philosophy led him to experiment with drugs, including heroin and cocaine.