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When connected, Square Reader will stay firmly in place so you can swipe easily and accurately.Shop Now Complete your point of sale with Square Reader for contactless and chip.Get your free Square Reader at sign-up or pick one up at a store near you.Pay 2.75% per swipe for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.Customers sign and tip right on the device in one easy, math-free motion—easier for them and better for your business.The Lightning Adapter for Square Reader lets you connect Square Reader to your device via the Lightning port.Shop Now Square Reader plugs into a standard 3.5-mm headset jack or a Lightning port when used with the Lightning Adapter for Square Reader.

Fortunately, I have been clean for about a year now. ) but your bae is out on the town with their dudes, girlfriends, or just plain randoms.Don't even try to kid yourself, you know damn well you are guilty of all of the above at some degree or another.And it usually always ends in unnecessary anxiety and fights over nothing.Manually enter card information and pay 3.5% 15¢ per transaction.Swipe payments without a connection in Offline Mode and pay the usual 2.75% per swipe.