Bit on the side dating

An interesting thread that's running concurrently is do dating sites kill relationships ? As Sue69 said it's a case of having their cake and eating it, in fact that was a phrase used in my case. I have spent the past 2 days comforting a friend of mine who has found out that the person she is in a relationship with has been cheating on her (She met him on this site - a site i introduced her to ) I don't know why people can't be satisfied with what they have, why do they have to seek more? My mom had a saying:"What sweet you one day a go sour you the next"Because as has been said some are selfish, want their cake and eat it.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Some people are just never all i can say is they just want there cake an eat it dont ask me why ,my hubby left me for bit on side was together for 13 years.think it was buzz for my hubby but didnt get him anywhere except another child which he didnt want thats why he asked me to have him back get life once cheat always cheat well thats what i think The most common excuses i hear from men i know is the withdrawal/lack of sex within their relationship.These are mostly people i know so i am not being as judgemental as i would if i was on the outside so to speak and I'm not trying to generalise for everybody as i am fully aware some people don't even need a reason. I am lucky and have a super partner, the kindest, nicest person ever.I still socialise with girlfriends and men chat me up. I have made it very clear on my profile I am in a relationship and that I won't be dating anyone else.