Parallels internet security not updating

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and then we take a close look at KRACK - the Key Reinstallation Atta CK against ALL unpatched Wi Fi systems.

This week we take a look at a well-handled breach-response at Discus, a rather horrifying mistake Apple made in the implementation of their APFS encryption (and the difficulty to the user of fully cleaning up after it), the famous "robots.txt" file gets a brilliant new companion, somewhat shocking news about Windows XP... , Firefox EOL for Windows XP support coming next summer, the sage security thought for the day, an update on "The Orville", some closing the loop comments, including a recommendation of the best Security Now series we did in the past... This week we discuss some aspects of i OS v11, the emergence of browser hijack cryptocurrency mining, new information about the Equifax hack, Google security research and Gmail improvements, breaking DKIM without breaking it, concerns over many servers in small routers and aging unpatched motherboard EFI firmware, a new privacy leakage bug in IE, a bit of miscellany, some long-awaited closing-the-loop feedback from our listeners, and a close look into a beautiful piece of work by Moxie & Co. This week, Father Robert and I follow more Equifax breach fallout, look at encryption standards blowback from the Edward Snowden revelations, examine more worrisome news of the CCleaner breach, see that ISPs may be deliberately infecting their own customers, warn that turning off i OS radios doesn't, look at the first news of the FTC's suit against D-Link's poor security, examine a forthcoming Broadcom GPS chip features, warn of the hidden dangers of high-density barcodes, discuss Adobe's disclosure of their own private key, close the loop with our listeners, and examine the results of DOM fuzzing at Google's Project Zero.

Think about partnering with other companies and how multi-disciplinary teams can help fill gaps.

and Google considering blocking them natively, other new protections coming to Chrome, an update on Marcus Hutchins, Microsoft's "True Play" being added to the Win10 fall creators update, some interesting "Loopback" from our terrific listeners...

and then we take a closer look at the rapidly growing threat of Io T-based "Flash Botnets."This week we examine ROCA's easily factorable public keys, the surprising prevalence of web-based cryptocurrency mining, some interesting work in i OS dialog password dialog spoofing, Google's Advanced Protection Program, some good "Loopback" comments from our listeners...

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Parallels internet security not updating