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[First Look President John] Temple conducted an investigation, and First Look determined that while none of the alleged conduct rose to the level of legal liability, the grievance bolstered their case that Taibbi should not be the manager of The lengthy post was written by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Jeremy Scahill and John Cook (a former editor of Gawker), who added that Taibbi was not alone in butting heads with First Look management.Editorial staffers and remotely-based management frequently argued, for instance, over “a confounding array of rules, structures, and systems imposed by Omidyar and other First Look managers,” including the “mandated use of a ‘responsibility assignment matrix” called a ‘RASCI,’ popular in business-school circles for managing projects.” It was in this context that the unnamed staffer’s complaint against Taibbi, though not above the “level of legal liability,” deeply troubled both First Look’s president, John Temple, and its chief operations officer, Randy Ching.

It seems fictional," she is quick to admit at the Mo MA.

Last month, the Hackney, London native ran with the Olympic torch while clad in stilettos and an artfully deconstructed jumpsuit (to the chagrin of the conservative press); before that, she was asked to perform for the Prime Minister and declined.

Her impeccably arranged Fifties style, inspired by the retro-soul throatiness of her voice and her idol Etta James, is emulated in trendy circles, from her platinum-streaked pompadour to the ornate hourglasses dresses and six-inch heels on her wispy frame.

Come fall, the gregarious Faith is planning to release over tea at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, "America is a huge priority." She is planning a cross-country headlining tour following the release of lead single "Picking Up the Pieces," and she is eager for the new challenge.

"I've succeeded beyond my expectations in the U.