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Families love the inspirational story of Bob Crachit, Tiny Tim, and Scrooge — the perfect burst of boundless good cheer for the season.

Filled with magic, love, luck, and crazy coincidences, this rollicking fantasy set in the American South is a tribute to the power of dreaming big. Show begins when the director asks the audience to suggest a popular film title and then the cast, right there on the spot, improvise the "black version" of that film complete with its improvised soundtrack, dance numbers, DVD extras, audition reels & more. Bled for the Household Truth is a play about intimacy and yearning, and what happens when the world we live in, and the experiences we have, make simple human interactions the most intolerable and painful acts we could ever imagine.

In what has become a holiday tradition, the Independent Shakespeare Company (ISC) re-creates (with a little artistic license) the experience of a public reading given by Charles Dickens himself.

Based on the novelist's own adaptation, A Christmas Carol With Charles Dickens is performed by ISC cofounder David Melville as Dickens and nearly every other character in the story.

And the special pre-New-Year's-Eve show on Saturday, December 30, at pm gives you an extra chance to celebrate!

The Athena Cats, a collective of Southern California female playwrights and directors, presents a madcap romantic comedy that's a perfect escape for the holidays.