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An alternative solution is to provide harvest dates on packaging instead of pull dates.

While harvest dates are featured in the promotion of Olio Nuovos and Novellos, which are marketed immediately after milling, that same harvest date no longer seems current in January when the calendar changes to the new year.

Also changing the copy on your labels every year incurs additional design and set-up costs.

Another option is to add the harvest date onto labels by hand, however this is time-consuming and requires legible handwriting.

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All olive oil, extra virgin or not, oxidizes as it ages because of the instability of its molecular structure.

Although you can extend shelf life by protecting olive oil from the elements that promote oxidation - exposure to light, heat and air - eventually all olive oil becomes rancid.

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Consider for example that harvest was in November 2009, after which the oil was in bulk storage before being bottled the following March; that bottle will reach the store shelf with a pull date of March 2012 which is 28 months after milling.Consumers and retailers alike have begun asking producers to include dating information on olive oil packaging, and providing this information is a good way to distinguish your brand from the others in the marketplace.It also helps to educate consumers about the importance of olive oil freshness; as they inquire why some brands provide dates and others don’t, they will discover why this information is so important in their selection of a fresh oil.The California Olive Oil Council (COOC) offers a different solution.The Council’s Extra Virgin Seal Certification Program was established to guarantee that oil bearing the seal was of extra virgin quality.