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But Hollywood executives have short memories, and he was unable to get financing to make an as-yet unreleased film about race called Black and White, forcing him to bankroll the movie himself.It’s in sharp contrast to the days of his notorious 1995 film Waterworld, which had a budget of 2m.“To me, it’s the same movie as Dances with Wolves,” Costner says during a Las Vegas interview where he was recently honoured with the 2014 Cinema Icon Award at Cinema Con.“I think its a powerful movie, I think it’s very commercial.

Kevin is blue eyed with an average/medium build and is a Sagittarius.

My family is a little bonkers, my sister left home and moved to wales years ago..have no contact with her anymore.

One of my brothers lives on a boat with his wife, I lost my dad Just over 3 years ago and my other brother has moved out to Majorca(C'an Pastilla)with his wife and my mum who have bought a bar(The Grapevine).

Geoff and Eilidh already had their own studio at the former croft, but eventually decided they needed space to display their work and that of any visiting artists.

"The gallery fulfils various functions," Geoff explained. Created as a personal and part-time labour of love and without the aid of any big lottery handout, HICA has hosted exhibitions of painting and sculpture but other exhibitions have been less orthodox, including a screening of the 1960 version of "The Time Machine" recut to play all the dialogue in alphabetical order, another cinematic reference with "The End" emblazoned across the gallery picture window to transform the dramatic view across Loch Ruthven into a climactic movie image, its own arts "air show" and in the latest exhibition which concluded last weekend the contemporary archaeological studies of the Boyle Family, best known for their three dimensional casts and intensive studies of sites chosen at random around the world.