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The initial team is 3 people with me at my location, and another 3-person team at a location in a satellite office in another part of the country. We are developing a new product where I needed to create a new team to support it.Also, your employer does not have to accept two weeks notice (unless it's in your contract). That can happen, so do be prepared to end your job when you give notice.

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If you have had relationship trouble in the past and often thought something was "real" that did not have staying power then proceed with extra caution.Whether it's because of issues at work or personal circumstance, you may need to move on immediately.Here are some acceptable reasons for resigning without a two week notice, along with advice on how to quit.Not sure how to tell your supervisor you are leaving? Leaving a position can feel uncomfortable, but if you follow a few simple rules, the process should go smoothly: Read more: 10 Things Not to Say When You Quit Generally, the two-week period is one of transition.You may have lots of meeting with co-workers to review the status of projects, and walk through your day-to-day routine and tasks.