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"I think I've been preoccupied since I was 11, and my father died, with the idea of the age 39: ' Would I live that long? '" he said in a September 2010 interview with .

"To discover that I had the Hodgkin's was alarming, but at the same time I felt kind of bemused, like, ' Wow. How interesting.'" Hall initially kept his diagnosis a secret from the show's cast and crew and underwent chemotherapy, with the public becoming aware of his treatment in early 2010.

Over the course of the show, that appetite has been exploited again and again in different, deeper and dicier ways.

What depths did you have to go to in order to play a serial killer?

But over the course of eight seasons, he's faced love, loss, heartache and even friendship with his foul-mouthed sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter), proving that he may have the capacity for feelings. It felt like a crazy proposition, but one that if we could pull it off would be very exciting.

Hall) was a serial killer incapable of having emotions or a true human connection. Hall: I think the audacity of the submission to invite people to identify with a serial killer.

When he's not helping the Homicide division solving murders, he spends his time hunting and killing bad guys that slip through the justice system.

He spends his sun-drenched days solving crimes - and moonlit nights committing them. See more » Throughout the series the forensics team are seen handling crime scene evidence, walking through evidence, and/or climbing through evidence without wearing proper protective gear so they don't contaminate the crime scene.

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Jennifer Carpenter: The script was like a Mack Truck. It just swept you up and it was invigorating and unlike anything I'd ever read before or have seen on television.He was compelling because he made the claim that he was without the capacity for human emotion and we were maybe meant to be suspicious of that.Even we thought he didn't have the full capacity, in spite of anything, he did seem to have the appetite; an appetite that was exploited by the Ice Truck killer (Christian Camargo).But he had the great grace to have been the adopted child of a police officer, who (as we see in terrific flashbacks) successfully instilled in him a complete moral code, which he adheres to on a strictly intellectual level.This is an utterly brilliant concept (which I assume derives from the novels it's based on), one that allows the writers to explore the nature of moral behavior and of what it means to be human (Dexter is, in a sense, an alien).