Dns not updating from other dns

But what is remarkable is that this is standing at the second paragraph: The Max Cache Ttl represents the maximum time that a DNS lookup%u2019s results will be cached for. If this value is set to 1, DNS entries will only be cached for a single second.

I'm having a domain (registered at domain.ma), in their cpanel it shows that it was updated 6 days ago but all whois services and my new dns service also confirms that it hasn't change...

A brief background and introduction to bind can be found at the end of this document..

A standard format for DNS entries is called “Bind Format”.

When I change my domain's (a dot com) nameservers it can take up to 2 days. Just curious because my webhosting went down and I have to wait now because I changed nameservers, why?

EDIT: Did some little research and my webhosting says it can MAXIMUM take up to 24 hours.

A host can be used to maps hostnames associated with malware to a different IP address (such as a loopback address,

This will prevent connections to those malicious sites from ever taking place.

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We all have had problems with machines being overrun by malware: taking 20 minutes to startup, constant popups, hijacking of the home and search pages, bookmarks being added, etc.

(There is an irony here, as some of the more “evil” malware hijacks your host file to prevent their removal or to redirect search queries).

Unfortunately, there are several problems with using host files, especially in a corporate environment: As an alternative to host files, there are several desktop-based DNS software packages available which are designed for use on a single desktop.

This is technically true, but the term propagation is widely used to describe the process.

I thought my post was clear that other DNS servers request updates from one another, and aren't "pushed".