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Some lie detectors to avoid are Lie detector prank, Real Lie Detector, and Lie Detector, which requires access to your exact location for some reason. Instead of crafting your own beer in a geeky fashion I don’t need to elaborate much here.You obviously won’t be drinking any actual beer out of your phone, and the app’s claim that it’s “so realistic it’ll fool a bartender” is a bunch of hooey.If you’d like to actually try this app on a barkeep, please document your results and report back to us.Of course, being free apps, these are all loaded with ads, but i Beer even has an in-app purchase if you’re extra-serious about your electronic brews.In exchange for a donation to support this wonderful app, you’ll unlock more beer “flavors” and mouthwash.Get your imaginary drink on with i Beer, Beer, and e Beer if you’d enjoy spending on virtual booze. It’s probably one of the worst tragedies that could befall a phone, so why in the world would you want to simulate that (and advertisements) on your Android?A portion of your troubles probably relate to Android’s inherent design flaws - in particular, its poor....Look like a moron by swinging around your phone in public with Shake To Charge, Shake to Charge Power, and Shake Battery Charger.

You can protect your privacy, security, and cell phone bill by paying attention to permissions when installing apps – although many users... Apps that claim to enable an X-Ray scanner on your phone are silly.No phone has the capability to use X-Rays; they can be harmful and millions of people having that potential in their pockets would be absurd.All these apps do is display a picture of a transparent hand around when you aim it at your own hand, and they generally contain a mountain of ads to boot. Phil and start your own talk show with your Android using these apps, stop and think for a second.Have you ever downloaded an app and found that it does something completely different from what you thought?Getting duped is a horrible feeling, and it’s even worse if you’ve wasted money in the process.