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On a basic level, beta males are more passive followers of the alphas, who are the leaders.While it’s not easy to scientifically define a beta male, look at the very term: beta is the second letter of the Greek alphabet.Positions of power aren’t typically filled by guys who don’t seek them. Even though never in a million years would I have ever gotten a second with Bono, he was loving the money, time, and energy I spent making richer, more admired by women, and more popular, while I was a broke, dateless, and unpopular teen.Beta males don’t seek power so they rarely find it. While alpha males typically forge their own paths and create trends, beta males follow in alpha footsteps.

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And, many guys find that being passive, letting others dictate your life, and other behavior patterns lead to a lack of fulfillment. ” or what beta means, or the beta male definition, this article is for you!I would argue that many “nice guys” aren’t even that nice: constant passivity can turn into anger and passive-aggression very quickly. If you have been a “nice” pushover all these years, and it (obviously) hasn’t worked out for you, I highly recommend the book No More Mister Nice Guy (available in print and Kindle) by Robert Glover.In fact, if you reject a beta male, sometimes he will suddenly go from being a “nice guy” to a total jerk in a matter of seconds. It will help you transform from being a passive, boring guy into one who is more attractive and assertive (without becoming a jerk).Even though I was very busy with school, and had no money to spare for gas and no accounting experience, I said “yes” to every request. They get taken advantage of and lack assertiveness. This is the dark side of beta male passivity: passive-aggressiveness.They have trouble standing up for themselves, especially saying “no.” They may even say “yes,” when they mean “no” to please people. They will tell a woman everything is “fine” when it is not, or let their boss mistreat them at work, but when they get alone, things change. For example, I’ve known beta males who advertise how “nice” they are, and refuse to tackle issues directly for a variety of reasons. It’s just released in more unhealthy ways like going from the “nice guy” a woman should date to then calling her (indirectly, of course) names on social media for rejecting him.